A new application with more gain for your livestock!

Neomax is an endectocide for the treatment and control of parasitosis caused by internal and external parasites that impair health and reduce the productivity of bovine meat and milk producers.

NEOMAX presents a new concept of productivity with financial return to the cattle rancher; an ideal product for young cattle with high performance in body development, shortening of the rearing phase, more liquidity in the finishing phase and consequently a better quality carcass.

Neomax has a new formulation technology, with 4,8% Eprinomectin, which provides high performance in productivity with a reduced grace period for slaughter ( 16 days) and zero milk discard.

A new concept in productivity!

Why use Neomax?

  • Formula with distinctive technology: provides high performance control for endo and ectoparasites for all categories of beef and milk cattle.

  • Eprinomectin high purity injectable grade: the new concept in result with ideal concentration, which means greater control of the endo and ectoparasites and consequently greater weight gain of the animals.

  • Positive cost-benefit ratio: a new application with more gain in productivity with optimal return of the investment.

  • Ideal concentration of active: the unique formula Neomax provides high gain performance in productivity with a period for slaughter (16 days).

  • Great syringe ability: the distinctive high technology formula makes the application easier, eliminating reflux and under dosing during the application.

  • Versatility: the Neomax product can be used in all categories of beef and milk cattle promoting productivity increase for each animal category.

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