Prolonged protection for breeding and rearing.

BULLMEC GOLD Is an ivermectin- based endectocide with a broad spectrum of effectiveness which works against internal and external parasites that impair health and reduce bovine productivity.

Bullmec Gold is featured in bottles of 50ml, 200ml 500ml and 1L, sealed with high flexibility and resistance which allows a greater number of perforations that the traditional rubber stoppers.


Bullmec Gold is indicated for the treatment and control of bovine parasites caused by gastrointestinal verminoses, myiasis (screwworms), human botfly and as an aid in the control of ticks.


Single concentrated endectocide multi dose. You choose the dosage and the period of action/grace period.

Why use Bullmec Gold?

  • Tri-polymeric formula: Clarion’s exclusive technology that provides immediate control of endo and ectoparasites with effect.

  • Ideal concentration: Studies indicate that at the concentration of 3,25% ivermectin, 54% more weight gain occurs in animals compared to 1% Ivermectin.

  • High purity ivermectin: 98 to 99% of B1A, maximum concentration of active isometrics which is poor control of endo and ectoparasites and consequently greater weight gain of animals.

  • Syringe ability: due to the tri-polymeric formula, the adaptation becomes very easy, equivalent to the application of an antibiotic, eliminating reflux and subdoses during the application.


“We use Bullmec Gold when the calves arrive on the farm. The cattle breeder who does not use Clarion products is wasting time and money because the result is guaranteed!”
Jader Brunno Assunção de Rezende, Lagoa Rica Farm - União de Minas - MG
“Animals with Bullmec Gold have visual changes in the coat, considerable improvement for the fattening process, as well as excellent tick control.”
Fábio Macedo Benício de Paiva, Matão Farm - Santa Vitória - MG
“In our region we have many meadows, where ticks are a serious problem. Bullmec Gold, for being long-acting, has helped us a lot. Excellent product!”
Roberbal Souza Leal, Santa Claro Farm - Limeira d’Oeste - MG
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